When You Should Consider DHEA Supplement Capsules

Of all of the high-quality supplements we supply here at Nutriflair, DHEA might be one of the most difficult to understand. Because it involves hormones, it’s not as direct as “turmeric curcumin is thought to help with joint pain” or “garcinia cambogia is purchased as a weight loss supplement.” DHEA doesn’t target any specific part of the body but instead can help throughout the body — and mind.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is a naturally-occurring steroid hormone in the body of both men and women. When DHEA levels get low, the negative effects mentioned below can be experienced, so if you have been experiencing any of these be sure to contact your doctor and ask if DHEA capsules are right for you.

Extreme Fatigue

Fatigue can come from many places. A 22-year-old who’s just run a marathon can be fatigued. A 35-year-old parent can be fatigued around Christmas when there are multiple pageants and parties. DHEA isn’t really going to have anything to do with those types of fatigue.

DHEA is for fatigue that doesn’t really have an obvious cause. Sure, we tend to get more tired as we get older, but that’s a gradual slowdown over decades. There are times when the fatigue just hits you out of nowhere and you’re still relatively young, and that could be because of low DHEA. Nutriflair offers the best DHEA supplements around in order to combat those times when your energy level is low even when you should be energized, such as mid-morning.


Just like fatigue, depression can come from many sources. The loss of a loved one, being fired, getting divorced...all of these are obvious and understandable reasons to be depressed.

But when the depression comes on for no reason, low DHEA might be the reason. Depression is serious and should be addressed early on before it gets worse. Talk with your doctor or mental health worker to find out if DHEA might be what you’re looking for.

Weight Gain

You’ve probably noticed that the maladies we’ve mentioned so far can be brought about by things other than DHEA, and weight gain is no different. Weight gain could be due to a thyroid problem, or it could be because of an illness. Of course, it could simply be from taking in more calories than are burned

Add low DHEA to the reasons that someone can gain too much weight. Not only can the fatigue and depression lead to weight gain indirectly by causing someone to exercise less, but the low DHEA itself can lead to weight gain directly. DHEA supplements could help.*

Aching Joints

Age is going to bring with it aches and pains as the body starts to break down a little. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with these pains! While turmeric curcumin is certainly the most popular supplement to help with joint pain, DHEA capsules are also known to help the joints get healthier.*

Low Libido

A lowered sex drive can affect not only the person with low DHEA, but also their partner. When libido is lowered, you know there’s something missing but just don’t know how to get it back. This is yet one more aspect of low DHEA that can lead to depression. Luckily, the best DHEA capsules have been known to increase libido in both men and women.*

DHEA pills aren’t for everyone. Pregnant or nursing women should not use them, nor should anyone under the age of eighteen. But if your doctor thinks you might be suffering and suggests a DHEA supplement, you’ll find the best right here at Nutriclair. Check out what we have to offer right here.


* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.


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